Beautiful data visualization starts here.

Google Data Studio (beta) turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Dashboarding allows you to tell great data stories to support better business decisions.

Create unlimited Data Studio custom reports with full editing and sharing.

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“Google Data Studio marks the birth of a new era of how organizations consume, share, and use analytics data to drive insights and create even greater business value.”
Joao Correia - Director of Data Insights, Blast Analytics & Marketing


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Put all your data to work.

Easily access all the data sources you need to understand your business and make better decisions.

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Transform your data.

Transform your raw data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create easy-to-follow reports and dashboards — no code or queries required.

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Build engaging reports and dashboards.

Data Studio gives you the ability to create meaningful, shareable charts and graphs that bring your data to life.

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Leverage teamwork that works.

Harness the collective wisdom of your team and work together quickly, from anywhere.

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See Data Studio in action

Live, interactive reports and dashboards.

Explore our gallery of report and dashboard examples. Then if you see something you like, make a copy and start connecting your data.

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Featured data connectors

Easily connect all your data.

Our pre-built data connectors make it easy to bring together all the data you need, how you need it, to create interactive and dynamic reports.

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Add Google Analytics data to your dashboard to track and analyze the performance of your websites and mobile apps.

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Add Google AdWords data to your dashboard to track and analyze the performance of your digital marketing.

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Add BigQuery data to your dashboard to track and analyze data from your big data warehouse or to visualize your key business metrics.

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The 360 suite advantage

Seven measurement solutions. One powerful package.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite combines enterprise analytics, tagging, site optimization, data visualization, market research, attribution, and audience management into a powerful measurement solution for your business. Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, cross-product data integration helps your enterprise gain useful insights and get better results every day.

If you need assistance, dedicated support and services ensure that help is there when you need it.

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