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Judging & Prizes

Judging: Stage 1

Out of the 160 wonderful and creative doodles designed by orphans on March 20th, 25 Doodles were selected by a panel of professors from the Faculty of Art and Design from The German University of Cairo.

Narrowing down the entries to 25 was difficult! Eligible doodles were judged against the following criteria:

Judging: Stage 2

A public vote is now open for you to select the winning doodle! Vote now!


The winnig doodle artist will be displayed for 24 hours on the Google Egypt homepage on 3rd of April 2009 to celebrate Egypt's Orphans Day.

In our view, all the children who participated in the event were winners, they all had fun on the day and received gifts from our generous partners: t-shirts, toys, pens, pencils, crayons, Google caps, and a framed individual photograph taken on the day of the event as a souvenir. We surely won't forget this incredible day spent with them!

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